5 Minute Natural Hair Updo For Any Occasion



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Don’t get discouraged because it says “Bantu knots” because this hairstyle can be done on braid outs, twists outs, flexi rod sets, perm rods sets, wand curls and lots more!

It’s very versatile and easy to do especially if you need a quick hairstyle fix.

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Tools:Elastic hair bands and bobby pins.


1) Make a side part and secure the front with a hair band.

2) Gather the rest of your hair and using another hair band, secure it to the section in the front.

3) Use bobby pins to pin hair and get a bun shape. Adjust hair with more bobby pins if needed.

4) Brush your edges.

Be fabulous!

Add fancy hair clips, scarfs or bandanas to jazz up your hairstyle.

If you still don’t understand the steps, please leave a comment and I’ll explain more for you.

What is your favorite hairstyle?

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