How To Detangle Naturally Curly Hair Without Breakage


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You’ve probably heard that combs and natural hair don’t mix especially 4c hair because it causes breakage and lots more.

I have 4c hair and after many trials and broken combs plus not having the patience to finger detangle, I learned how to properly detangle and comb my 4c natural hair without problems.


A big factor is the type of tool you use to detangle or comb your hair.

Choosing your comb

1) The type of comb:

The type of comb that you use on your hair matters. Metal combs are not meant for your hair type, I learnt this the hard way.

Rubbing your hair against a metallic surface will cause static and their edges can lacerate your strands. Plastic and wooden combs are far better and more gentle on our hair.

2) Size of the comb:

Are you using a rattail comb in an effort to remove those knots and tangles? A wide tooth comb like this is your best deal.


3) Use a seamless comb.

A seamless comb is a comb without rough or sharp edges that can snag your hair strands. So use a seamless wide tooth comb.

How to properly detangle and comb your 4c hair

1) Detangle your ends first then gradually work your way to the roots:

Most people do the reverse and end up moving all the tangles to the ends which causes massive breakage.

Instead comb the ends of your hair first to remove the tangles and knots there before moving down to the roots.

2) Always section your hair:

I found out that dividing my hair into some sections when combing really helps because you get to focus on each one instead of combing your whole hair at once.

3) Don’t comb your hair when it’s bone dry:

It leads to more breakage and you’ll hear your hair snapping. Instead apply a moisturizer before combing.

If you’re detangling on wash day, apply a leave in conditioner or your regular conditioner to provide slip for your hair.

4) Detangle in the shower:

Some naturals swear by this. The heat and pressure helps loosen the tangles and makes detangling a lot easier.

5) Use products with lots of slip

They’ll decrease friction and help the knots and tangles in your hair to glide over more easily. It could be your conditioner, an oil, a leave in, etc.


6) Comb gently when using styling tools that use heat:

This is because your hair more prone to breakage then especially if you didn’t moisturize your hair first. Forgo the comb attachment of your blow dryer if it won’t pass through your hair.

7) Don’t over do it:

Remember your hair is naturally coiled not straight. Your hair will knot around itself unless you keep it stretched.

8) Keep your hair stretched to reduce detangling and breakage:

Minimize your detangling by keeping your hair in stretched hairstyles. This is one of the best ways to avoid tangles and breakage from detangling.

9) Practice detangling in front of a mirror

This will help you to see your hair, if you’re doing anything wrong and to get the hang of detangling from the ends not roots.

I learned most of these the hard way but now detangling is easy for me and I hope these tips will make detangling your 4c natural hair a lot easier.

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How do you detangle your hair?


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