Welcome! A Little Introduction



We’re now at http://www.lushfro.wordpress.com

It has all your favorites from Natural Hair Teens plus more amazing content from Fashion to Lifestyle and more amazing Natural Hair Features you can be a part of!

Hi! I’m Mimi, a teen Nigerian and natural hair blogger in the struggle with other teenagers with natural hair who are hardly represented in the natural hair community. I understand how hard having natural hair can be for teenagers like:

  • Trying to fit in all these many new routines into our school life.

  • Getting negative comments that can make you feel insecure.

  • Feeling weird wearing your natural hair out.

  • Natural hair products being too expensive.

  • Lack of salons that can handle our hair.

And lots more.

Natural hair blogs for teenagers are not common and although I love adult hair blogs, I still feel the need to be with people within my age bracket that I can relate to.

I know other teens feel the same way which is why I started my blog which has now grown to become LushFro as a place where young naturals can come to, feel comfortable and learn from.


My 4c natural hair on a humid day

My hair journey

I have been natural for a year and two months. I have 4c natural hair but I don’t restrict my posts to just those with 4c hair. My hair is tightly coiled, very springy and dense.

Update: I’m now 4 years into my natural hair journey! Check out http://www.lushfro.wordpress.com to stay up to date with me.

You can send me an email at lushfroblog@gmail.com
Follow lushfro on social media

What problems do you face as a teen with natural hair?


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